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Lewis Barlow is an Edinburgh based magician and mentalist. He commissioned me to produce some publicity images for his show which was part of the Edinburgh International Magic Festival 2013.

Tricity Vogue runs a free ‘Ukelele Cabaret’ during the Edinburgh Festival. This year, it is in the Counting House. It features a variety of acts – the only rule is you need to use a Ukelele in some way.

Peter Antoniou is a mind reader and comedian who brought his excellent Psychic Circus show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012. Find out more at

I was invited by Tricity Vogue to photograph her Ukelele Cabaret at the Three Sisters, Cowgate, Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010. Despite the tickets being free, the evening was packed full of talented, funny performers, most of whom played Ukelele. About 90 percent of the audience had brought Ukeleles with them and joined   Read More …

Shrink brought his outrageous and not-for-the-easily-offended hypnosis show back to the HMV Picture House in Edinburgh for a night of late night lunacy, hypnotising a large part of the audience and pulling some brave volunteers onto stage where they found themselves in some hilarious and often embarrassing situations. The photographs are now being used in   Read More …