David Lesault

Andy Younie

Andy Younie is an Edinburgh based photographer with 15 years of experience who can turn his hand to any type of photograph. He has previously taken photographs for bands, fashion designers, models, musicians, magicians, hypnotists, pubs and clubs.

He has had a strong interest in photography since secondary school where he developed and printed his own black and white photographs. He went on to study Architecture to Honours level and continued learning more about aesthetics and design. Many of his projects involved elements of photography as major parts of the design. He specialised in CAD and 3D modelling and it was at this time that he developed his love for digital photography and spent many a happy hour in the AV studio editing photographs and experimenting with various pieces of image editing software.

Since university, he has worked as a lecturer, tutor, graphic designer, storyteller, IT Analyst, SSL security specialist, hypnotist and photographer.

If you think he is right for your next photo shoot, or you would like to use any of his photographs, please contact him to discuss.